Championship Roster and End of the Year Party

    Hello!  Below is the Championship Roster List.  We will post swimmers' events at practice on Tuesday after they are official, but we did want everyone to know who would be practicing next week from 8:30 - 10:00 am Monday-Friday.  We would love for all of our championship swimmers to attend practice as much as they can this next week to prepare for champs.  

    I do want to mention that we have our End of the Year Party on August 8th at the park/pool.  It will be in the evening and the specific time will be announced later, but I wanted to mention this before we begin practicing with only part of the team.  We hope EVERYONE will come on August 8th to celebrate the amazing season we had this year! 

    Every swimmer has grown so much this year, and we wish we could take everyone, but that just isn't possible for championships. Below are the swimmers who will be heading to champs this year on July 29th. Congratulations and Good Luck!


    Baldridge, Ethan

    Bandy, Alec

    Bandy, Aubrey

    Benjamin, Kale

    Benjamin, Kenna

    Casburn, Cole

    Crompton, Jacob

    Crompton, Jared

    Crompton, Leah

    Douglas, Adeline

    Douglas, Ella

    Douglas, Martin

    Dunn, Olivia

    Elwood, Brody

    Finkbone, Micah

    Foltz, Caroline

    Foltz, Grace

    Gibson, Emit

    Gibson, Jaret

    Graham, Kai

    Greene, Sam

    Gregg, Brogan

    Holmes, Ally

    Holmes, Cooper

    Inlow, Jalen

    Johnson, Charlotte

    King, Kyler

    Lever, Addy

    Lever, Reagan

    Lybarger, Audrey

    Lybarger, Haddon

    Lybarger, Lola

    Malone, Sierra

    Marquandt, Liv

    Mayer, Kaitlyn

    Mayer, Sophia

    Munsey, Kenneth

    Munsey, Paisley

    Pappas, Branson

    Redenbo, Brianna

    Redenbo, Ethan

    Redenbo, Joscelyn

    Richards, Isaac

    Richardson, Bella

    Richardson, Holden

    Russell, Parker

    Rutledge-Jukes, Andi

    Rutledge-Jukes, Heath

    Stroud, Jairen

    Stroud, Jairva

    Telford, Maggie

    Woolridge, Austin

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