Champs Warm ups and All Star Meet PLUS More

    LOTS of INFORMATION!  Please read it all the way through. :)

    Championship Meet

    Warm Ups: Salem's are at 8:30 am.  Please be at the Marion pool by 8:00 am though.  Coach Alexa has to scratch swimmers, etc. by 8:30 am.  We want to make sure that all swimmers have arrived and are accounted for well before 8:30 am.  It is very important that every Champs swimmer is able to attend, but if for some reason you can't attend, please text Coach Alexa as soon as possible. 322-2104

    Marion Pool Address: 500 E. Deyoung Ave.​ Directions are under "Links" on the website.


    Every swimmer has to wear their Salem Swordfish swim cap at the Championship meet.  Kelly Bandy will have extras at the meet if anyone needs another cap.


    Below highlighted in blue is information about a parent/coach relay team.  If any parent is interested in forming a relay, please text Coach Alexa (322-2104) to plan and bring your suit!  :)  These are always a lot of fun!!


    Here is an email from Marion about the meet.  



    General Information:  The 2017 SISL Championships will be held in Marion at the Ray Fosse Park Pool.  To accommodate the large number of swimmers and keep the meet running as smoothly as possible, the bull pen will be located under the tan covering on the west side of the poolhouse inside the fence. Swimmers should report to Stage 1 outside the fence on the west side. They will move to Stage 2 of the bullpen inside the fence.  Swimmers should exit through North gate of pool. Reminder:  Swimmers are not allowed on the pool deck unless they are competing in an event.  The team camps will be located on the north and east side of the pool.  A designated area will be marked for each team.  All teams should bring tents and shades. The concession stand will be located under the pavilion.  We will serve both breakfast and lunch.   Official results will be posted as quickly as possible on the northwest fence behind the bleachers. Coaches will line the east side of the pool.  No parents will be allowed on deck, only workers.  All workers will receive a label.  A master worker list will be posted on the north side of the fence.


    Start time is 9:00am

    Coaches Meeting:  8:30am  All scratches are due at this time.

    Officials and Timers Meeting:  8:40am, make sure to bring stop watches for your timers.  All timers will be assigned a shift and lane. 

    We will be doing a Coaches/Parents Relay at the Half of the Meet (shift change). 100m relay.  You must be a coach or parent to participate (cannot be a swimmer unless they have coached this season).  This is fun for the swimmers and parents.  

    We will be announcing Seniors at the start of the Free Relays in the second shift. Make sure all seniors are at the starter by this time.  Their parents will be allowed on pool deck for pictures.

    Awards will collected at the end of the meet.  We will announce Championship winner and Sportsmanship winner at the end of the meet.


    Meet Problems

    If a problem occurs with race results, please contact Coach Alexa (322-2104), and she will contact the Deck Ref and take care of the issue.  Please follow up with Coach Alexa after awhile to see what was decided, etc., but all results issues go parent to coach, and then the coach deals with it from there.  

    Any other issue that might occur during the meet needs to be addressed with one of the board members.  The board includes Doug Telford, Kelly Bandy, Tammy Foltz, and Joli Lybarger.  Any one of these individuals will help address any other issue or be able to point you in the right direction.  Marion wants to thank all parents for following this protocol, so the pool deck stays clear and any issues are handled appropriately.  


    All Star Meet

    The All Star Meet is on August 5th.  If you would like to attend this meet, you should enter your swimmers at the Champs meet this Saturday.  There will be an area for All Star sign ups at Marion.  You will pay $6/event to the Marion representative when you register.  The link is below to read more about the meet.  Basically, if your swimmer finishes in the Top 6 in any event at Champs, they will be allowed to sign up for the All Star meet in all 4 events (whether they finished top 6th in anything else or swam it at Champs). SISL warm ups are at 7:45 am, and the coach is Emily from Marion.

    Good Luck this Saturday at Champs!  Rock the Blocks Salem Swordfish!!

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